Saujana Fruitech Sdn Bhd Established Since 1999.

Saujana Fruitech is the leading professional supplier of concentrated juice distributed and marketed under the “SAUJANA’S” brand in food service industry. Customers we serve include supermarket, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, bubble tea shops, catering, juice bars, and even clubs, bars and many more. We are focusing on providing good quality products and service to foodservice customers.

Our Strength & Vision

We conduct ourselves in a professional manner. With our professional food background, well
trained staff and advanced facilities, we manufacture premium quality and tasty products.

Further more, what we concern more is product safety and hygiene. Through stringent checks, we
implement food safety and hygiene practice strictly to provide stable quality and gain the trust of
customers. Making our talent professional employees valued and creating a safe food environment
are not only the foundation for our aim to build a century-old enterprise, but also our commitment
to our customers.

We have set high standards in the beverage industry and we are committed to serving our customers
with quality products through the use of superior ingredients during our manufacturing processes.
To be one of the world class fruit beverage manufacturers providing quality products with excellent
services through continuous improvement and innovation. And tolet every one who comes to this
world to have a chance to try Saujana products for once in their lifetime